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Underpower in my underpants

So anyway, here I am, visiting the parents for a night, before along weekend, and I get bored. Big deal right? Situation normal?
Well, I get bored enough to go looking for all the webcomics I "read" to see what is up with all them.
Of course, it happens that I can't remember the web addresses of most of them ... Multiple tabbed bookmarks can cause extreme laziness [Surgeon General's Warning].

So along comes ol' faithful —
Except, the results aren't exactly what I'd expect. The first result for the Underpower comic is some site [which in the end I find out is there for a reason], and then this community! Weird!
From there I do manage to find a link to catch up.

So what else can I do but join? Except maybe wish I had Kitten or the Elf here to help me enjoy my discovery!
‡ coughcompletelyinnocentlyofcoursecough ‡
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